Appendix B

Scarborough Open Space Inventory

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This appendix provides a definition of Open Space and identifies those areas in Scarborough.

Open Space Definition:

Lands / areas officially recognized by federal, state, and local statutes. These publicly-owned lands are permanently designated and protected for natural, scenic, and recreational purposes. Private lands also qualify as open space and include those areas that have been afforded special status* by federal, state, and local authorities under use-assessment programs. Lands owned by 501c3 non-profit organizations (with an open space related mandate) and lands that have had their rights-of-use transferred to non-profits are also considered as open space.

* Note: This does not include private lands that may have significant "unofficial" open space in the form of forests, fields, water, etc.. For example, a 100 acre residential lot with house and grounds on 2 acres (the rest being undeveloped) will not be categorized as having any open space. The reason for not including these areas, which other studies have done, is 1) the difficulty in estimation, and; 2) that their open space is not officially designated and protected in perpetuity - that is, their status could be changed tomorrow. This is a significant factor when doing an open space inventory.

Open Space:

1) Scarborough Land Conservation Trust lands - non-profit

Name    Address             Tax map   Lot #    Acreage
SLCT    Kirkwood Rd.        R102      0012A    4
SLCT    Pleasant Hill Rd.   R094      0011     21

Total - 25 acres owned [also 26 easement acres (see Open Space, below)]

2) Scarborough Marsh - state
3,075 acres

3) Rachel Carson Wildlife Refuge - federal
393 acres

4) Ferry (and Western) Beach, Higgins Beach, Pine Point Beach - local
2,640' + 2,460' & 2 acres; 1,000', 7,000 & 3.14 acres = 8,000' & 5.14 acres

5) Hunnewell Park, Blue Point Park - local
1 acre each

6) Old Eastern Railroad Grade - state
35 acres (estimated)

7) Scarborough Beach State Park - state
66' & 5 acres

8) Prouts Neck Sanctuary - non-profit
14.9 acres

9) Scarborough River Wildlife Sanctuary - local
51 acres

10) Other parks (local, neighborhood, urban, etc.) - local

11) Statton and Bluff Islands - National Audubon Society - non-profit
35.6 acres

12) Tree Growth

Total Tree Growth - SW 866.07 acres, MW 1,309.42 acres, HW 320.6 acres = 2,496.09 acres (w/o*)

13) Open Space, Farmland, & Wetlands

Totals: Farmland - 153.6 acres, Wetland - 38.8 acres, Open Space - 26 acres

(Full appendix is available on request from the author)

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Creation Date: October 3, 1996
Jeremy Wintersteen, P.O. Box 8, Scarborough, Maine 04070