SLT carefully evaluates each land conservation opportunity based on a variety of criteria, such as open space, wildlife habitat, river or coastal frontage, impact on water quality, scenic or historic value, connectivity to other conserved lands, and opportunity for public access.

There are several different ways we conserve land –

  • Landowners can donate land or a conservation easement to SLT.
  • SLT can purchase land or a conservation easement.
  • SLT can also work with conservation partners to accomplish the above.

If you or someone you know is interest in conserving Scarborough land, please contact Andrew Mackie, Executive Director at or 207-289-1199. Andrew can discuss all conservation options available to landowners, including financial benefits and requirements. There is no commitment with this meeting, it is an educational session to give you the basic information to decide if moving forward with the Land Trust is right for you.

You can read about some of the community and economic benefits of land conservation in this paper written by one of our board members.