Important Changes

Please review these 2021-2022 updates:

  • Trapping is no longer permitted on Scarborough Land Trust Preserves
  • We would appreciate it if hunters reported any takes to SLT so that we can track the wild life populations for management purposes. Reports may be emailed to Sami using the contact form.
  • Please note updates to Tree Stand Policy below.

For Hunters:

  • Hunting is by landowner permission only, and SLT may revoke permission if issues arise. See “Requesting Permission,” below.
  • SLT property, while open to all, is private property. Please adhere to all state and federal laws, and ethics pertaining to use of private property.
  • No cutting, nailing, or drilling of trees or other vegetation is permitted.
  • The Town of Scarborough does not permit rifle hunting (Ordinance 603) without permission from the landowner. In deference to that policy, we do not allow rifle hunting.
  • All hunting blinds and game cameras must be labeled with contact information (at minimum: name, phone number and/or email address). Gear may be placed one month before a given hunting season and must be removed no later than one month after that season has ended. Unlabeled gear found out of season will be removed by SLT staff
  • Updates to Tree Stand Policy: Ladder stands are no longer permitted without special permission (see below). If you do not have explicit permission from SLT to use a ladder stand, you may use a climbing/hang-on stand that will be packed out with you after each visit. Equipment may only be affixed to trees with straps and other non-damaging methods. No drilling or cutting of trees is permitted.
      • SLT has designated an accommodation for ladder stands for those 65+ and for those holding a Permit Available to Individuals with Permanent Physical Disabilities.  Due to limited space, this is first come first served. There is an option to request this accommodation on the upcoming Permission Request Form. SLT may request proof of age and/or appropriate valid permit.
      • If this accommodation is being utilized by someone other than whom it was issued, the entire permission will be revoked.
      • Ladder stands must be removed promptly at the end of the season (within 7 days) and be labeled with contact information.
      • Only one stand is permitted and is restricted to one property for the year.
      • Permission requests will go live for general submissions on April 1st.

For non-Hunters:

  • Wear orange and please stay on trails.
  • Dress your pets and children in orange and keep them in sight.
  • If you cannot keep your pets under voice control, please keep them leashed.
  • Hunting occurs most frequently at dawn and dusk, and there is no hunting on Sundays.

For everyone:

Be courteous to one another, look after our preserves, and please report outstanding concerns to us using the contact form.

Requesting Permission

Thank you for seeking permission to hunt on SLT preserves. Please…

Your request will be processed within a week of submission.

For more information on Maine’s Hunting Laws & Regulations, Seasons, and to find your local Game Warden, visit

Please use the contact form to reach out to Sami with any questions about obtaining permission or unique situations.

Hunting is permitted on these properties:

Warren Woods (view PDF map)

Fuller Farm Presserve (view PDF map)

Libby River Farm Preserve (view PDF map): Archery hunting only. Note that the hiking trail begins on land owned by Camp Ketcha, which does not allow hunting. You may carry your equipment across the Camp’s property, but do not hunt until you are on SLT land, and of course, don’t shoot onto the Camp’s property.

Broadturn Farm (view PDF map): Only certain portions of the property are open to hunting. See the map for details and refer to the small yellow signs in the woods that indicate the extent of the hunting area. Generally speaking, hunting is not permitted in the fields. Please park only on paved roads. Don’t park on or block the gravel roads – Broadturn Farm is an active farm! You’re welcome to drive in on gravel roads to haul out a deer if you need to. You must display a BTF Hunting permit on your vehicle’s dashboard.

Thank you, and we wish everyone another safe hunting season!