Scarborough Land Trust Properties Rules

Welcome to Scarborough Land Trust!
Be sure to comply with the following rules to keep our properties open and accessible
  • Observe specific rules about dog use on certain trails and properties. 

  • All properties are open from dawn to dusk. No overnight use or camping is permitted. 

  • Campfires and cigarettes are prohibited. 

  • Bikes and motorized vehicles are prohibited.  

  • For the benefit and protection of visitors and wildlife, no drones or other remote flying devices.  

  • If the parking lot is full, please come back another time! Parking on the road shoulder is not allowed. Additionally, parking is for preserve visitors only. 

  • Leave no trace and pack out any garbage or food scraps. Absolutely no dumping. 

  • Stay on marked trails to protect wildlife, yourself, and our properties. 

  • Avoid trails when conditions are wet and excessively muddy.  

  • Respect our neighbors by staying on SLT property.  

  • Respect other visitors’ experience by keeping noise/volume to a minimum.  

  • SLT maintains the right to ask any individuals to leave if they routinely violate these rules.  


Tick information
Ticks live in tall grasses and low shrubs. SLT works to create wide trails to help keep them away from visitors. 
Help reduce your exposure to ticks: 
  • Stay on marked trails and avoid tall grass and bushy areas. 
  • Apply repellent to your clothes. Permethrin-based repellents work well, and are available at local outdoor outfitters and hardware stores. 
  • Wear long sleeves, long pants, and tuck pants into socks. 
  • Check periodically for ticks. Brush off any that are visible during your hike, and then do a thorough tick check once you are home.

Scarborough Land Trust Dog Policy

The Scarborough Land Trust (SLT) appreciates the important role that dogs play in our lives. We encourage people to exercise their companions at our properties. We also recognize the challenges of multi-use trails, ecological degradation, and possible disease spread that occurs when pet waste is not carried out. Further, some of our properties contain sensitive ecological areas that are particularly threatened or important during migration, breeding and nesting season.

For the safety and wellbeing of all visitors, and to maintain the conservation value of the property, SLT properties follow Scarborough Town Ordinances. SLT also has established the following regulations regarding pet use:

On Scarborough Land Trust properties, the following rules apply:

  • Dogs and their owners must stay on designated trails.
  • Well-behaved domestic dogs are allowed on SLT properties. As per ME Inland Fish and Wildlife regulations, wolves and wolf-dog hybrids are considered wildlife and not domestic dogs.
  • One responsible party may have no more than two (2) dogs off leash and under sufficient voice control at all times (with a leash at hand for each dog – Scarborough Town Ordinance, 604-12) such that the dog will not chase, flush, or otherwise harass wildlife (Scarborough Town Ordinance, 604-12).
  • Dogs may not approach within 10 feet of any person without the consent of that person. (Scarborough Town Ordinance, 604-14)
  • Dogs must be leashed within 300 feet of the parking area, and includes loading and unloading from vehicles.
    • This minimizes the risk of car related incidents.
    • This also reduces potential impact to other visitors as they start o r end their trail experience
  • Pet owners must carry out pet waste and may not leave bagged waste along the trail for any reason or period of time
    • Trails that are heavily soiled are not enjoyable, spread illness to other dogs, impact water quality and negate conservation efforts.
    • Bagged waste that is left on trails even temporarily is unsightly in addition to aforementioned affects.

Dog Care and Training Businesses

This section pertains to any business (commercial) venture that involves the exercising, training, and relieving of dogs.

  • Professional Dog Trainers, and Professional Dog Walkers walking more than two dogs at any time, must have express written consent to operate their business at Scarborough Land Trust properties, and be able to produce evidence of consent upon request by any representative of SLT.
  • This is to ensure that the walker is able to maintain control of dogs and adequately pick up after dogs.
  • This allows Scarborough Land Trust to keep track of property usage and address any issues as they arise.
  • Commercial use of SLT properties might require the payment of appropriate fees at the discretion of SLT.

Properties with Special Restrictions:

  • Fuller Farm: All dogs must be leashed on the rerouted Hayfield Trail during bobolink nesting season, from May 1st to August 1st. Additionally, the field itself is completely closed to human or dog traffic during this nesting season.
  • Pleasant Hill Preserve: Dogs must be leashed on Eleanor’s Trail at all times. Eleanor’s Trail is an improved-access trail with a harden surface, begins at the parking area and ends at the viewing area beside the barn. The trail is designed for universal accessibility and dogs off leash could comprise this use.

Other Pets

Pets that are not domestic dogs must remain leashed and under control of the owner at all times, and may not harass or disturb wildlife or other visitors. SLT retains the right on an individual case basis to permit or deny access. Livestock of any kind are currently not permitted at SLT preserves. Horses may cross SLT property to access designated riding trails if there is no other ingress to riding trails but may not use SLT trails for riding. Horses are never permitted on Eleanor’s Trail at Pleasant Hill Preserve.

Please note that lack of adherence to SLT rules about pets will result in our inability to welcome pets on our properties. SLT reserves the right to ask individuals who violate these policies not return.

Thanks for your help in keeping SLT properties safe and enjoyble for all visitors, and in maintaining the conservation value of the properties.